Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV Program)

The DV Lottery program (Diversity Immigrant Visa), also known as the green card lottery, is an official program, which takes place only once a year, is administered by the American States Department. The program was originally founded in 1990.

The American immigration system has undergone significant upheaval in its years of existence. From free immigration, which formed the basis for the establishment of the states and their subsequent unification, to a much tougher policy that exists today, and which has been influenced by the changing demographics of the American economy and global terror threats.

Alongside the toughening of policies over the years, the Americans identified a demographic distortion in the late 1980's as a result of the general allocation system determining the maximum number of visas to be allocated to immigrants according to different categories: family, work, studies. This method establishes the large countries of immigration (countries with large numbers of citizens and the number of American citizens and citizens of that country) as the consumers of the allocations and does not allow small countries of immigration to benefit from the liberal immigration policy of the United States.

In order to overcome the distortion and give equal opportunity to the people of the entire world, the Americans decided to lead the green card lottery based on participation in small immigration countries. As a result, the rule established in the law that states from which more than 50,000 immigrants arrived in the United States during the five years prior to the lottery year was born could not participate in the lottery. Within each region, no country can receive more than 7% of the total number of visas offered in that year.
To enter the lottery, applicants must stand few important requirements, such as being born in an eligible country. At a later stage, their education level and working experience are being tested as well, along with few other requirements.
Out of the amount of people around the world that have the option to apply, considering their birth country, there are, on average, 6-8 million applicants that register every single year. The winning applicants must go through a consular process and few important steps, in order to actually get their green cards. The first 55,000 applicants to complete the process successfully will be the ones the get the green card. The lottery takes place every single year, typically early October, but the time frame can change from year to year.  A DV Lottery program named after the year the winning applicants will actually receive their green cards. Therefore, the registration for the DV-2020 Program will end in October 2018. The registration includes completing a form, which must be free of mistakes made by the applicant.

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Family Sponsored Visa

In some cases, U.S. citizens can sponsor a green card for their family members. A relative can be authorized to get a green card only in case of: Spouse, kids(children) (married or unmarried), Parents, brothers and sisters(siblings).

A green card holder (U.S. permanent resident) can sponsor these relatives: Spouse or children (unmarried only). 

Employment-based visa

Many immigrants choose this way, which most often requires an employer to sponsor the immigrant through the future job based on his or her life and working experience.  An applicant who wants to receive this temporary permission to stay and work in the United States must go through a three-step process, beginning with an I-140 form. After completing the process, the alien is expected to take the certified job offered by the employer to substantiate his or her immigrant status, as the application ultimately rests on the alien's employment with that company in that position.

There are few types of Employment-based Visas. Each visa has its own characteristics, benefits and  limitations. Each case is dealt with on its merits.

Refugee/Asylum Status

If you are admitted as a refugee, you are legally required to apply for a Green Card in the United States 1 year after you have arrived to the United States as a refugee. The process will start with a I-485 form.

The "registry" is a provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows a person who has previously entered the United States illegally to obtain legal permanent residence simply based on having de facto resided in the country over a long time. To avail himself of the benefit of this provision, the immigrant must prove that he has continuously resided since before the stipulated "registry date.
How to get a green card
A green card holder is a person, who has the official and permanent authorization to live, work and study in the United States of America.
If you are dreaming to working in the States, living with the highest quality of life, or study at the world's leading educational institutions in all field, then green card is what you are looking for.

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