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So, what is our job?

With our immigration services, you are 100% guaranteed to be submitted to the program at the right way. Our immigration exports offer support and guidance in order to help you to become a green card holder after you have participated at the DV program.

The computer that draws the lottery will not receive a form that was not filled correctly, and you will not be notified.
There is only a very limited time frame of 30 mins to create your form. We are completing your form ahead of time, and providing registration services 365 days a year in order to save time and to make sure your application will be filled correctly and with all the required details. 
With our services, you can ensure your participation in the program for many years without any worries, as we prepare you ahead of time and make few checks that all the information is correct.
Our immigration experts will help you send the necessary forms and photos on time and make sure that they match the formal requirements. If your documents will not stand the requirements, you can lose your chance to have a green card.
If you won the lottery and did not respond in time, you could lose your green card. We will help you follow your status and remind you what is the required action from your side at any given step of the program.

Help with any request, question and problem by phone and email throughout your participation. We are very proud in our customer service working around the clock in order to make sure you will be responded as soon as possible for any kind of a question, problem or request.
For more services, products or submission please contact one of our representatives.
Many people from all around the world are showing more and more interest in immigrating to the United States of America in order to improve the quality of their lives.
There are many ways to get a green card these days and the most common and easy one is through the official DV Lottery program, ran by the government. The program becomes more and more familiar with every year, and the number of applicants registering keeps on growing. In fact, there are 50,000 applicants that are getting the chance to live, work and study in the States every single year. Our job is to assist applicants from around the world, to apply for a green card through the program, considering their eligibility.
With our team of immigration experts, you will be assisted in submitting your form in the right way, in order to guarantee that you will not lose your chance to get a green card. We are proud to share our knowledge with people showing interest in completing their dream to start their lives in the United States of America.
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100% Guarantee!
With our application you are 100% guaranteed to participate in the DV Lottery program. Our services fits the needs of applicants around the world that would like to have a chance to live, work or study across the country.