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The DV lottery program (also known as Diversity Immigrant Visa) is an annual program providing a real chance for applicants all over the world to become American residents and have the true legal option to live, work and study in the United States of America. In order to apply for the program, the application must stand basic requirements, such as birth country, education level and working experience. Many applicants around the world are not allowed to participate in the program because their applications do not meet the requirements of the program. Each year 50,000 winners receive their green cards. Find out if your country qualifies, and if you are eligible to register to this year’s program now by filling out our simple eligibility test.
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Immigration to the United States can be a long process that requires few different steps applicants must complete. Our team of experts provides full service that includes tracking your application, completing your entire forms at the right way and on time, guiding you through all preparations needed for the process and assisting you in any case. Please note we are not a governmental agency. Our services requires a fee.
The Diversity Immigrant Visa program was invented as one of the ways to solve the immigration problems in the United States. The US immigration system had major changes in its years of existence. From free immigration , which created the basis for the establishment of the states and their subsequent unification, to a much tougher policy that exists today and which has been influenced by the changing demographics of the American economy and global terror threats. These days, the program is another tool used to diversify the population in the United States, and to balance the immigration rates from few countries and places around the world. The policy works in such a way, that countries with a lower immigration rate than others receive approval to participate in the program. Countries with more than 50,000 immigrants in the past five years cannot participate in the program.
The DV programs are named after the year where the winning applicants actually receive their green cards upon completing all of the steps in their immigration process. Therefore, the registration for the DV program 2020 Lottery program opened October 2018.
The winning applicants will have the real chance to live, work or study in the United States of America, as they will have the option to become permanent residents of the country. A Green Card holder is permitted to stay in the States for as long as he wishes and build his own life wherever he would like. That includes finding a job, buying a house, traveling in and out the country freely, study anywhere, open any legitimate business, and more.
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The United States of America offers the world's leading educational institutions in all fields. Many students from all over the globe are looking for the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, inspired by the amazing sources our country has to offer. Everyone has an equal opportunity to receive a fair and high-quality education.
Best jobs

The United States of America offers limitless opportunities in a variety of fields. Many people around the world want to live in the United States to empower themselves in their professional field. At any age, you can start a successful career, and in every field there are many development options. The American market offers higher economic success, which can be achieved by the rest of the world.
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People living in the United States enjoy a very high quality of life. The United States lead in a variety of important areas: health, economics, technology, society, security, and education.
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